Sessions start September 23, 2020

But homework starts as soon as you sign up

VALUE $9,997


At the Mind Ya Biz Bootcamp you will learn to:

*Evaluate your business model
*Legally establish your business
*Build your business credit
*Brand & market your company to look like a million dollar business
*CEO to build your Empire

VALUE $9,997

VALUE $9,997


Q - How long is the training?
A - This is a 2-hour 8 week training

Q - Will this be in class or on Zoom?
A - This training will be on zoom, replays will be available to all attendees

Q - Will there be any 1 on 1 time with Constance?
A - There will be no 1 on 1 coaching at this time, however, Constance & her team will personally evaluate your business model & provide feedback

Q - What if I miss a session?
A - Playback will be available for all attendees

Q - Will this be live?
A - Yes, this will be live & interactive for all enrolled.  There will be time scheduled for Q&A's

Q - What kind of homework will I receive
A - Prior to the session, you will receive homework that will allow us to answer questions specific to your business

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